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Who runs the CCCUK?

How can I contact the Committee?

Contact the committee member who can best handle your enquiry:

- Chairman:
Ross Thornhill, 07833 254475 / chairman (at) corvetteclub. org. uk

- Secretary:
Bill Moss, 01433 650801 / secretary (at)

- Treasurer:
Colin Morton, 07974 168120 / treasurer (at) corvetteclub. org. uk

- Membership:
Jackie and Allen Fell, membership (at) corvetteclub. org. uk

- Events co-ordinator:
Thomas Strangeways 07776 437806 Bill Moss, 01433 650801 events (at) corvetteclub. org. uk

- Public Relations:
(Position vacant - volunteers welcome) pr (at) corvetteclub. org. uk

- Club Merchandise:
Maureen Morton, 07974 168120 / merchandise (at) corvetteclub. org. uk

- Corvette Nationals:
nationals (at) corvetteclub. org. uk

- Magazine Editor / Media Officer:
Rob Moore, 07908044788 / editor (at) corvetteclub. org. uk

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What are the non-Committee positions?

As well as the Committee, there are a number of positions within the CCCUK to take care of other stuff:
- Magazine Composition:
Jonny Bens, jonny.bens (at)
- Webmaster:
Ben Harvey, 07813 798362 / clubweb (at) corvetteclub. org. uk
- Webmaster:
Simon Stevens, 07507 935312 / si.stevens (at)

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Membership of the CCCUK

How much does membership cost?

The current annual membership rate is 35 (due on May 1st or before).

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What do I get for my money?

Included in your annual membership you get the impressive CCCUK magazine, Vette News, published six times per year. You get access to a wide range of technical services and knowledge. You get free sales/wants advertising in the magazine and on the website, together with other privileged access to "members only" forums and other areas on this website. You support and get news about national and regional events to which you're invited, including the club's major annual get-together, the CCCUK Summer Nationals (usually towards the end of June in the Midlands). Depending on where you live, you get monthly club meetings where you can chat with other enthusiasts in the comfort of a pub.

For a full list of membership benefits, view our Membership Benefits page.

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What are the Club rules?

You'll find the current version of the CCCUK's rules in the Technical Articles section of this website. Click here to go straight there.

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How do I join the CCCUK?

You need to complete an application form and pay your annual membership fee to the club membership secretary. You can find out more and download a membership form on this page: click here. If you have any further questions, you can email the membership secretary at membership (at) corvetteclub. org. uk or post a message in the forums on this website.

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CCCUK Regions

Who's my local regional rep?

For local events and monthly meetings, contact your local regional representative:

- Beds, Bucks Northants and Cambridge Region:
Ian Meredith 07917 662676, bbbcnregion (at)

- Central North (Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire):
centralnorthregion (at)
Rep's position vacant - If you can help please contact secretary (at)

- Central South (Shropshire, Worcestershire, West Midlands, Warwickshire):
[Position vacant] centralsouthregion (at)

- East Anglia (Norfolk, Suffolk):
Neil Williamson 07955 794752
Andrew Hall 07718 230100 eastangliaregion (at)

- Essex:
Andy Maskery, 07968 454912 / essexregion (at)

- Kent:
John Robinson, 01732 844793
Gary Garwood, 020 8301 1076 / kentregion (at)

- North East (Durham, Cleveland/Teeside, Tyne & Wear, Northumberland):
Keith Edwards 07484335235 / northeastregion (at)

- North West:
Adam Slater, 07966600058 / northwestregion (at)

- North London & Hertfordshire:
Andreas Christou, 07722 117481 londonhertsregion (at)
- Scotland:
Robert McMurray, 07949 568102 / scotlandregion (at)

- South Coast (Hampshire & Dorset):
Paul Tuttiett 07974 722302 and David Fortescue 07508 680687 / southcoastregion (at)

- South West (Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Wiltshire):
Rob Harrision 07523 739705
John Davies 07786 848893 / southwestregion (at)

- Surrey:
Colin Bruce, 07940376738 / surreyregion (at)

- Sussex:
Gary White 07973 330046 / sussexregion (at)

- Thames Valley:
Alan Lewis 07887 508021, Mike Buchanan 07775 821458 / thamesvalleyregion (at)

- Western (Avon, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, South Wales, Worcestershire):
Nigel Perring, 01873 858453 (h) / 01873 851570 (w) / westernregion (at)

- Yorkshire:
Don Banham, 01302 744920 / yorkshireregion (at)

- International:
Pete Sansbury, +33 (0)233 654022 / international (at)

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When are the regional meetings?

Each region organises its own local meetings, so please either consult the calendar of events on this website, ask in the forums for your region, or contact the Regional Rep closest to you. Generally, regions meet once a month in the summer months, but maybe less frequently in the winter.

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Can I advertise my car for sale?

Once you're a paid-up member of the CCCUK, you can advertise your car for sale on this website and in the magazine for free. Anyone with Internet access can browse the Marketplace forums, so your audience includes many more than just club members.

If you're a member of the club but still can't add your advert, you need to request membership of the 'Club Members' group in the website. Send an email to the CCCUK Membership Secretary at membership (at) corvetteclub. org. uk and provide your real name, your username and your CCCUK membership number and the Memb.Sec. will sort out your status on the site.

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Using this website

How do I advertise my car in the Marketplace?

Free advertising on the CCCUK website is available to CCCUK members only. On the website, CCCUK members belong to a User Group entitled 'Club Members' and this title is shown below their name in the forums. To unlock the Marketplace so you can add or edit adverts you need to join this Club Members group. You can apply for this by sending the Membership Secretary an email with the following details:
- Username on the website
- Your real name
- Your CCCUK membership number
As soon as the Memb.Sec. gets this information he'll add you to the group. From then on, you'll have the words 'Club Member' below your name in the forums and you'll be able to add your adverts to the Marketplace.

Email the Membership Secretary on membership (at) corvetteclub. org. uk

To add an advert to the website:
Navigate to the Marketplace in which you'd like to place your advert, and click the 'New Topic' icon. In the 'Subject' box, enter the title of your advert, including 'For sale' or 'Wanted', the item you're advertising, and the price. In the main body of the advert, include as much information as possible, and especially your contact details.

To include photos in your adverts, first upload your photos to your Personal Photo Gallery by clicking the 'Photo Album' link in the Main Menu. Once you've done this, view the photo in the Gallery. Below the photo is information about the image, including title, description and finally the 'Code to show image in topics'. That's the bit you need! Copy the whole line (something like [img][/img] ) and go to your advert. Paste that line into the text of your advert and the image will be displayed when you submit the changes.

Note that adverts may be moved, removed or edited if they're inappropriate for the Marketplace in which they appear.

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How do I add photos to the Photo Album?

You can upload photos from your computer to the photo album by going to the Photo Album and clicking on the category to which you want to add the image. While viewing the category, click the 'Upload Pic' icon to go to the upload form. From there it ought to be self-explanatory.

Only CCCUK Members can upload photos to the categories. Non-member users can only upload photos to their Personal Gallery.

If you're a CCCUK Member, you've registered on this website, but are unable to add your photos to the Album, you need to join the Club Members group. You can request membership by clicking the 'User Groups' link in the Main Menu (left). The Administrators will approve your membership if we're satisfied that you're a bone fide Club Member. (We may need to contact you to verify this.)

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How can I advertise my company on the website?

The maintenance of this site is handled by volunteers, and the hosting is paid for with CCCUK members' subscriptions. The site doesn't exist to make a profit, although we are prepared to accept non-intrusive adverts from companies wishing to reach the CCCUK membership (and indeed any Corvette enthusiast who may be browsing the site). The principle is similar to the advertising arrangements for the club magazine. Advert revenue is used to supplement the CCCUK's finances to help fund activities each year and cover some of the operating costs.

If you are interested in placing a commercial advert on this site, please contact the CCCUK's Treasurer by emailing treasurer (at) corvetteclub. org. uk

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