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Rules (13 Oct 2005)

- This website is the property of the Classic Corvette Club UK (CCCUK), but the CCCUK takes no responsibility for the information posted in the forums by users of the website. All content, opinions and messages are the property of the person writing them.

- Committee members are labelled as such in the forums. The title of committee member can only be assigned by the webmaster so users can trust that the title is not faked.

- Any opinions expressed by users of the forums are not necessarily the opinions of the CCCUK unless a committee member explicitly states that they represent CCCUK policy. If you object to any information on this website, please immediately contact the webmaster of the club (email: web @ or any members of the committee (see contact details in the FAQ).

- The CCCUK committee reserves the right to edit or delete content that it feels is not in the interests of the club. If content is edited then the committee will explain the reasons why.

- The CCCUK offers this website as an informal resource to club members and (with restrictions) to the public but reserves the right to withdraw this service at any time if it is being abused or if it is no longer a service that supports the CCCUK's activities. It is not intended as a professional service and the CCCUK makes no guarantees as to the quality of the service or the accuracy of the content on the site.

- The CCCUK accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage caused to a person or property as a result of following advice or reading information on this website.

- The CCCUK Marketplace (members' advertising) must not be abused by club members. If a member has any doubt about whether they should place a particular advert in the Marketplace, he/she should contact a committee member. The CCCUK reserves the right to edit or remove adverts for any reason.

- Because of the potential risk of legal action against the CCCUK, the committee members, the website administrator (webmaster) and the hosting company, no user of the site shall post material, opinions or stories that could be libellous to another party. Because none of us knows exactly what this sort of material could include, the general rule of thumb is that the committee or webmaster will endeavour to remove negative comments or complaints about individuals or organisations from the forums, whoever they may be, as soon as possible. Should any such comments not be removed then that does not imply that the committee or webmaster concurs with those comments and it is stressed that the the committee or webmaster accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage caused to a person or property as a result of following advice or reading information on this website.

- Feedback about suppliers or comments about organisations or individuals should only be positive. (Praise the good!)

- The tone of content on the site should respect the global audience that this website attracts. While most Corvette drivers seem to be men, this website's content should be appropriate for a mixed-gender audience, with a wide age range including children. Comments that may be considered offensive, abusive, racist or sexist will be removed without warning! Offenders will be warned on the first occasion and then banned on the second!

- Users of this website should note that any and all content can be seen by the webmaster of the website, including "private" messages from user to user.