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Cruising in the US

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Club Member

Thu 07 Dec 17 13:02

Re: Cruising in the US

Wow, as always an amazing amount of information.

I have researched Route 66 and accept that we'll do as much as we can, but the trip is more about just chilling and seeing what's over the next horizon.

I now accept that renting is the sensible way forward, however the rental companies I have looked at so far are charging about $2500.00 per that is why I thought it better to buy.The only vital bit is that the car has to be American, I'm not doing possibly 10,000 miles in a Toyota Yaris!!

Many thanks as always


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Club Member

Thu 07 Dec 17 14:34

I just tried a quick quote on 5600 for 3 months in a 2dr Cadillac XTS (or similar). That is a lot of money isn't it!

I rented with these guys and they are great because they include all insurance in their price. Not the typical almost doubling the price if you take insurance with the well known companies.

Admittedly I had a Camaro for less than two weeks, but price was good at the time.

2001 Z06, 1994 LT1 (sold)
Alfa 147 GTA daily driver.

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Club Member

Thu 07 Dec 17 19:34

Re: Cruising in the US

That is too much for me. I haven't been able to set a budget because of so many variables. However I am counting on minimum 100.00 per day just for fuel food and hotels...and it could easily end up at 150. That times 90 is 13,500.00.

I reckoned that if I bought an old lumbering Caddy for $4000, drove it for the 90 days. If I've seen all I want to see then sell it for $1500...making it very cheap transport. If I haven't seen enough, park it up in a storage lot and come back in a year to continue.

As you can see this is still very much Work In Progress.

Does anyone have Sir Nigel of Dobbie's email... he'd probably know the answer to this conundrum instantly!!

As always, all advice greatly appreciated...oh and I have a Canadian passport as I lived there and got citizenship. Happy days.



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Club Member

Fri 08 Dec 17 09:31

Re: Cruising in the US

I hope you are good at roadside repairs if you intend buying an old car in the US. They are pretty loose on what is deemed a "good driver" or even safe.

Never fancied doing the Route 66 thing myself. Despite my interests in music and road trips. But I love the Western United States. I passed through 11 of the states west of Denver on my last week-long trip in a Challenger. I have done two similar trips like this in recent years but I am lucky to have American friends and share the driving of their cars. So it only costs me food, motel, gas, and beer every day.

September is a good time to travel into the popular tourist places like Yosemite and Yellowstone because it is coming to the end of the season. We had hardly any traffic and those places are usually bumper to bumper. But you do run the risk of snow from any time late in the month. Yellowstone in particular is fantastic on those cold autumn mornings with the steam from the warm rivers and lakes and the herds of Bison.

Washington State is pretty damn impressive. I only dipped my toes in that state with a one night stay at a friends place just over the "Bridge of the Gods" from Oregon. But I wouldn't mind seeing more of Washington State with its beautiful forests sweeping up the banks of (mainly) inactive volcanos. And the smaller roads up the west coast from California are lined each side with giant redwoods. Makes for a very pleasant drive.

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Club Member

Fri 08 Dec 17 21:24

Re: Cruising in the US

beerglasses wrote (View Post):the rental companies I have looked at so far are charging about $2,500.00 per month

What are you trying to rent?

I've been to USA twice in 2017 and rented from Avis for both trips, with some discount for booking through the airline,
* April (California) for nearly 3 weeks, unlimited mileage = 380
* September (East Coast) for nearly 3 weeks, unlimited mileage = 560

The Stingray has landed!

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Club Member

Sat 09 Dec 17 11:02

Re: Cruising in the US

Got an Alamo Nissan Altima booked for $313 for two weeks in May. Unlimited mileage, SF and back to SF. I found that if I return the vehicle to the same place I don't get hit with a surcharge (same for the flying in and out).

Not really interested in what I drive than what to see and where to go when I'm there so it needs to be reliable.

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Club Member

Sat 09 Dec 17 13:10

Re: Cruising in the US

Alamo works well as they let you choose the car from rows and rows, based on your rented category.

Just watch the CDW extras, even when you say no they will try and include them.

"what could possibly go wrong"

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Club Member

Wed 13 Dec 17 11:00

All of the USA is worth seeing, we did a trip, by Goldwing Trike, in 2007 for 6 months, 27,000 miles, 42 States, coast to coast three times. Route 66 is, as some have already said, good in places, we haven't bothered to do it all as there are much nicer roads around like the Bear Tooth Pass, Going to the Sun Road, Blue Ridge Parkway, Skyline Drive, Natchez Trace Parkway and many others. Do your homework, work out what you want to see then cut some out, you won't have enough time! Check out the Tourist Office for individual States, they're usually useful and can give you lots of information. Join hotel chain rewards schemes like IHG (Holiday Inn Express), Best Western and Choice (Quality Inn, Comfort Inns, Days Inn etc.) we managed to get quite a few free nights by collection their points. As far as insurance is concerned we had terrible trouble but managed it through a company we found on the Horizons Unlimited website, but that was for a bike we shipped over, so different animal, have a look, it has a wealth of travel information for all sorts of things including shipping, insurance, hints and tips and good travel stories etc. You will need to consider your Health Insurance too, make sure it covers you for the USA and has PLENTY of cover for accidents. Buy an annual Parks Pass, it will save you a heap of money. We can recommend many place to visit and some to not! If your interested take a look at our website and look at 2007, there are others that may be useful but that was our trip. Where are you? We are in Lincolnshire if that helps if you want further information..


1978 C3 L82
2006 1800 Goldwing/Motortrike
2015 Honda CRV

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