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Engine bay

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Club Member

Wed 21 Feb 18 15:22

Engine bay

I havenít had my 1979 coupe long so over the winter/spring period I will be doing stuff on the interior,but during periods when I am not doing any thing in particular but wait for better weather my mind drifts to the engine bay and what I could do to give it a cleaner less cluttered look.I am thinking of removing the air con compressor and just generally making the bay much simpler to look at,having said that my mechanical knowledge is minimal to say the least.Does any one out there have any thoughts they would care to share on the subject ? I donít think I will suffer heat stroke if I remove the air con stuff under the hood and store it in the loft ready to go back on should the need arise
Regards Nige

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Club Member

Wed 21 Feb 18 18:02

Re: Engine bay

This thread is useless without pics Laughing Laughing

Give us some clues Nige Thumbs up

But, initially, I wouldn't actually remove the AC equipment. I wish now that I'd been more prudent in keeping the AC running on our '78. We used to take the T-Tops out as often as we could, so just stopped using the AC. Oh how we miss it now! But alas, we're looking at 1000$bill to re-instate!

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Committee Member

Wed 21 Feb 18 18:32

As Steve says don't remove the a/c - and if it isn't working - get it fixed. If you have limited mechanical skills consider chroming some metal parts like air filter cover - if alternator is ally polish it - get some fancy braided stainless covers for hoses - steam clean the interior and spray parts satin black.

CCCUK Chairman
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Club Member

Thu 22 Feb 18 14:50

If it helps, my 68 327 doesn't even have aircon and I have no issues with it (I've never been one for using aircon other than to demist a screen quicker). Fine during the summer and awesome to have the t-tops off purely for the look. Granted you big block boys generate a fair amount more heat though.

However, if you have working aircon, then leave it along - remember you need a qualified aircon technician to de-gas the system before you can disconnect the pipes, otherwise you'll put refridgerant into the atmosphere and that's naughty.

I'd go with shiny parts, or cleaning and painting/chroming up various container tops and so forth. You can also get a colour scheme going and put covers over your hoses and swap your plug leads for ones of the same colour etc.

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Club Member

Fri 23 Feb 18 09:16

Re: Engine bay

Thanks guys for your words of wisdom , think the air con stays and a good clean up with perhaps a dress up kit will be the way to good
Regards nige

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