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#1: radio suppressor ??? Author: damc3 Location: manchester Post Posted: Today at

hi this was on the back of my alternator I correct in thinking its the radio suppressor Scratchchin just wondering because I have no radio fitted at the moment so is it only needed when one is fitted ( sounds like a really dumb question silly ) a radio may be fitted later and if so will any suppressor do ?



#2: Re: radio suppressor ??? Author: kentvette Location: Loir Valley, France Post Posted: Today at

It looks like an old suppressor to me, like I used to have on my old Minis etc.

We had "noise" on the radio on the '78 and many years ago I bought one of these from Ecklers.

It's been on the car since 1997 and seems to be doing its job!

#3: Re: radio suppressor ??? Author: 5 USA Post Posted: Today at

Yes, both of those are "capacitors" being used as "suppressors".

If you have a radio noise problem from an alternator it will sound like a whine through the speakers which rises and falls with engine rpm. (An alternator with failing diodes is more likely to whine than a good one.)

I'm not aware of a capacitor/suppressor being required for proper function of the alternator itself.
CCCUK » C3 Generation » radio suppressor ???

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